"An Anti-Aging Secret the Beauty Industry Doesn't Want You to Know" -Dr. Oz

Borage Oil as Seen on Dr. Oz

A couple of months ago Dr. Oz had a great show titled “Anti-Aging Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know”.  She had on 2 special guests, one was a beautician, and the other was a chemist.  The two of them dispelled myths behind the beauty industry and mentioned Borage Oil.  The biggest shocker for me came when they were comparing expensive eye creams to just regular moisturizers.  I must admit I have been a sucker for eye creams in the past when I saw my first signs of wrinkles.

The segment that mentioned Borage Oil was called “$5 Solutions to look 5 years younger”.  The beauty consultant, Laura Condit, ran the segment where she gave 3 solutions for under $5.  The first one she discussed was borage oil.  She showed how you can even use a capsule topically.  The borage oil was described to be able to penetrate the skin to leave it smooth and moist.

borage oil dr oz

Borage Oil is a $5 Beauty Secret – From Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz: So what’s your $5 secret for moisturizing your skin?

Laura: You’re gonna be shocked, we have Borage Oil. Comes in a little capsule.  Open the capsule and put that on your hands.  A little bit goes a long way. It goes right in very, very easy so it feels really, really good.  With any excess I’ll put in on my cuticles, maybe around my eyes, into my eye brows to condition.  It feels really amazing!

Dr. Oz: Why is it so effective?

Laura: It has tons of omega oils in it.  It’s also very anti-inflammatory, so if your skin is a little irritated.  I even put it in the fridge to cool it down.

Dr. Oz: And it’s very inexpensive!

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Since this clip on Dr. Oz, borage oil has gained massive popularity.   I have been using borage oil for more than 10 years, but I was happy to see someone as popular as Dr. Oz promoting it on his show.  I would like to see a longer segment on Borage Oil that goes into the more specific borage oil benefits and borage oil products, but for now you can just use this website to find all that information.

The most important points from this short clip about Borage Oil are:

1) You can actually feel the borage oil penetrating your skin the second you apply it.

2) A little bit of borage oil goes a long way

3) You can apply it just about anywhere

4) You can use capsules for topical application as well as ingesting.

5) You do not have to pay a lot of money for borage oil.  (note: just make sure the GLA % is high, or at least advertised on the bottle)




  2. Thandiwe says:

    I am 55years and still have acne. I would like to try using Borage Oil on it, would you recommend this?

  3. Where can you find it!! besides health food stores capsules are expensive!! Dr. Oz said not!! Where can find cream!! Is cream in regular stores, I don’t have DR. OZ’s money!!

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