"An Anti-Aging Secret the Beauty Industry Doesn't Want You to Know" -Dr. Oz

What is Borage Oil?

What is Borage Oil Plant

Borage Oil Plant – “Starflower”

Borage, (borago officinalis) is a wildflower commonly called the “starflower”.  It is native to the Mediterranean area.  The leaves are edible ,but the plant is commercially grown and cultivated for borage seed oil extracted from the seeds.  The seed oil is extracted and used as a source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).    Borage Oil has been used for thousands of years and is written of in Roman history as it was used in medicinal teas and elixirs.

What is Borage Oil healing for?

Borage Oil is one of the best sources of GLA.  GLA is an essential fatty acid that converts into prostaglandin 1 (PG1), a key molecule for maintaining healthy skin and other healthy balances within our bodies.  Our bodies do create GLA naturaly, but the process can be slowed very easily from a poor diet or poor health in general.  Borage Oil directly feeds our body the GLA necessary to carry out the reactions to create a healthy environment for healthy cellular activity.  Several recent studies show borage oi,l taken orally, increases PG1 levels in the skin and suppresses chronic inflammation.  Also, borage oil applied topically is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate deep into the skin to provide layers deep within with the necessary essential oils.

When choosing a Borage Oil product, make sure they show high levels of GLA, since this is one of the most important components of the plant that you will want.  Borage oil has been known to

 What is Borage Oil GLA gamma-linolenic acid

What is Borage Oil GLA? – gamma-linolenic acid

aid with dry skin, eczema, dry hair, hair loss, pregnancy, weight loss, high blood pressure, arthritis, nerve damage, and more!  See Borage Oil Benefits for more information.
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Borage Oil as Seen on Dr. Oz

A couple of months ago Dr. Oz had a great show titled "Anti-Aging Secrets the Beauty Industry Doesn't Want You to Know".  She had on 2 special guests, one was a beautician, and the other was a chemist.  The two of them dispelled myths behind the … [Continue reading]

Hair Essentials Natural Borage Oil Hair Product

Hair Essentials with Borage Oil Hair Product

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Borage Oil Benefits

Borage Oil Benefits start with the makeup of the borage plant.  Borage oil is one of the best sources of gamma linolenic acid, commonly referred to as GLA. GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid that's converted to prostaglandin E1, a known anti-inflammatory … [Continue reading]